Nik and Meg: Indian Couple Travel Bloggers | Blog @ With A Suitcase

Nik and Meg: Indian Couple Travel Bloggers | Blog @ With A Suitcase

1. Can you please tell us a little bit about yourself and your Blog?

We're Nik and Meg of With A Suitcase (, a couple travel blog started for the love of writing, photography and travelling, of course. We currently travel the world with full-time jobs in hand. Our motto is "Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart."

2. What did you do before Blogging? What inspired you to start blogging?

We started the blog, With A Suitcase, after we got married in 2013, when we realized that we both shared a common interest in discovering new places. Apart from blogging, Nik is a business analyst, and I (Meg) am a scientific writer.

3. As a blogger, what are the challenges you face? How you overcome it?

With the plentitude of travel blogs out there, it becomes hard to curate unique content. We try to stay focussed on creating quality material (writeup and photos) in our own signature style.

4. What would you consider to be your biggest achievement in your journey so far as a Blogger?

We measure achievement, not in number of countries or places visited, but how our blog makes people feel. It gives us a sense of success when we get good reviews or comments from our readers.

5. Have you worked/collaborate with brands? If yes, name few brands you worked with

Yes. Urby, VisitCT, TravelAMA, Deccan Herald (Metrolife), Trafalgar Travel, 92.5 Radio One Bangalore, and others.

6. What is your primary income source?

Full time jobs

7. Top 3 Blogging tools that you would recommend to your readers?

1. WordPress templates
2. Plugins for social media integration
3. Google Analytics

8. One piece of advice that you would like to share with all new bloggers?

Inspiration apart, don't let another blogger/traveller's journey or blog dictate your choices. Create your own style and niche, and write about what makes you happy!

9. Finally, what are your thoughts about IndiBlogHub?

Promote registered bloggers more on your social media accounts, conduct contests

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